The STI/SPFA is a not-for-profit trade association representing the steel fabrication industry. Our members are fabricators of steel shop-fabricated storage tanks, field erected storage tanks, water pipe and pipelines, pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and specialty fabricated products. Their customers are from the petrochemical, power generation, food, pharmaceutical, fuels, wastewater and water transmission industries.

STI/SPFA Mission

STI/SPFA will promote and unite the steel plate fabricated products industry through standards development, education and communication.


STI/SPFA will be the champion of steel storage tanks, pipe, pressure vessels, and other steel plate fabricated products.

Our mission would not be Possible without our Sponsors

ACT-100STI Technologies
STI/SPFA is recognized for our leading tank technologies with features such as corrosion prevention, secondary containment, and fire protection.

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STI/SPFA Safety Product Purchasing ProgramSafety Products
The STI/SPFA Safety Product Purchasing Program allows members to buy safety equipment and supplies for 10-30% savings.

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Our partnership with Savings4Members gives members access to cost-reduction services and exclusive discounts on 20+ categories of operating expenses.

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