Pipe Section Membership Requirements

Fabricator Membership in the Pipe Section is open to any person, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or similar business entity (a “Company”) whose principal steel fabricating facility establishes to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors that it meets the following minimum criteria for membership:

  • Primarily engaged in steel fabrication of products within (but not limited to) one or more of the following sections – field erected tanks manufacturing, pressure vessel manufacturing, steel pipe manufacturing, or special fabricated products manufacturing;
  • Financially sound and provides proof of financial responsibility within such guidelines as the Board of Directors shall from time to time prescribe;
  • Has sufficiently trained personnel, facilities, and technical competence to produce and service steel fabricated products;
  • Will actively participate in, support and promote the technical, standards development, use guidelines and code activities of STI/SPFA;
  • Is not engaged in activities which are contrary to or opposed to products, standards, use guidelines, and codes promoted by STI/SPFA;
  • Agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Trademark and License Agreement for the Section(s) in which it is enrolled;
  • Pays at the time of submittal of this application, by check, credit card, or wire transfer all applicable first year’s dues and fees, and any other outstanding indebtedness to STI/SPFA;
  • Agrees to pay all future STI/SPFA invoices within thirty (30) days of invoice date;
  • Agrees its membership in STI/SPFA is not transferable or assignable except as specifically provided by the STI/SPFA Bylaws.

Pipe Section Members must be currently and have been actively engaged in the manufacture of steel piping to industry standards such as the API, AWWA or the ASTM standards, for not less than twelve (12) months preceding the date of this application.

Annual Membership Dues - Based on Annual Sales

$10 million or less $2,372.00 (Per Month $197.67)
$10,000,001 - $40 million

$4,162.00 (Per Month $346.83)

$40,000,001 and over $7,721.00 (Per Month $643.42)

Section Dues - Annual
Please note, if you enroll in multiple sections, the section dues paid will be the paying section

Field Erected Tank Section $1,183.00 (Per Month $98.58)
Pipe Section $1,183.00 (Per Month $98.58)
Pressure Vessel Section Section Dues Do Not Apply